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Mandatory Muffler Rule

*Mufflers are mandatory for all cars at Valley Speedway *Approved mufflers: Shoenfeld #14272735, #112535 and #112530 *IMCA #609 IMCA #930 IMCA #935 *Custom Craft Muffler With 3 Rings *Mufflers Must Be 100% original no modifications of any kind and must be installed properly.

Rules Questions

For questions on rules packages contact Jerry Schmidt at 816 517 0564

Pit Stalls 2023

Pit Stall assignment for 2023. If there is a pit stall you would like check to make sure it is currently available. Pit Stall rental does not count for special events. Pit Stall rental is $100 for the season.

Weekly pay out 2022

Weekly points driver entry fee is $35 per class that includes transponder and pit pass. Other pit passes are $35 per person entering the pits. Pits open at 4pm, fan gates open at 6pm, drivers meeting at 6pm, at laps at 6:30pm, heat races at 7pm. Ga admission $15, Senior, Military, student, $12, kids 6-12 $6, 5 and under free. Times, and prices do not include specials. Check select events for times changes.

Dirt Demon 2023 rules

The Dirt Demon class is a low budget class.

E Mod 2023 rules


IMCA Starr Mod Lites

Mod lites will run IMCA rules

Pure Stock 2023 rules

Pure Stocks can run either Mo Kan rules or POWRi or a combination of both rule packages.

Valley Cruiser Class 2023

A two person team driver in control of steering and brakes. Passenger in control of gas. Cars will be run clockwise or counter clockwise or road course in infield. Entry fee will be $40 and that includes 2 pit passes. This is trophy class for the first 3 finishers.

Valley B Mods

Valley B Mods can run USRA/IMCA rule package or Midwest Mods.rules

Valley POWRi Sprints 2023

Valley Powri Outlaw Sprints will run the same rule package as Powri WAR series

Valley POWRi Midget 2023 rules

Latest Videos

Cami Bruner Dirt Demon crash.
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Latest Results

Valley Speedway9/9/2023Valley E Mods.
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Valley Speedway9/9/2023Valley non wing Sprint car
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Valley Speedway9/9/2023Valley Pure Stocks
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Valley Speedway9/9/2023Mod Lites
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Valley Speedway8/19/2023Valley E Mods.
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Valley Speedway8/19/2023ATV Open Advanced
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Valley Speedway8/19/2023Mod Lites
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Valley Speedway8/12/2023Valley E Mods.
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Valley Speedway8/12/2023Dirt Demons
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Valley Speedway8/12/2023B Modifieds
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Valley Speedway8/12/2023Mod Lites
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Current Points

Valley E of 9/9/2023
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Dirt Demonsas of 8/12/2023
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ATV Open Advancedas of 8/19/2023
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ATV Open Amateuras of 8/19/2023
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Valley non wing Sprint caras of 6/24/2023
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