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Dillon Raffurty Sweeps IMCA Supper National

The IMCA Supper Nationals is taking place with almost 1000 teams signed up. Valley Speedway had 2 of our drivers finish in the top 3. Dillion
Dillon Raffurty took 1st place in all of his 3 events and
Garrett Stonum finished 3 in the finals. Valley Speedway has some of the fastest racers competing every week. Congratulations to all our teams that represented the best Valley Speedway has to offer.

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Latest Results

Valley Speedway9/18/2021IMCA Northern SportMod
Full Results
Valley Speedway9/18/2021E Mods
Full Results
Valley Speedway9/18/2021IMCA Stars Mod Lites
Full Results
Valley Speedway9/18/2021Dirt Demons
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/28/2021IMCA Northern SportMod
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/28/2021E Mods
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/28/2021IMCA Stars Mod Lites
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/28/2021IMCA Stock Car
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/28/2021Dirt Demons
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/7/2021IMCA Northern SportMod
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/7/2021E Mods
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/7/2021IMCA Stars Mod Lites
Full Results
Valley Speedway8/7/2021Valley non wing Sprint car
Full Results

Current Points

IMCA Northern SportModas of 9/18/2021
Full Points
E Modsas of 9/18/2021
Full Points
IMCA Stars Mod Litesas of 9/18/2021
Full Points
IMCA Stock Caras of 8/28/2021
Full Points
Dirt Demonsas of 9/18/2021
Full Points